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Chicago Skyway BridgeChicago Skyway BridgeChicago Skyway Bridge

How to Pay

Currently the methods of payment accepted at the Skyway Toll Plazas are Cash, E-ZPass, and IPASS.

Cash is only accepted in the "CASH ONLY" lanes located at the lanes on left hand side and marked on the plaza canopy signs. We accept all United States currency up to $100 bills (any foreign currency will not be accepted)

E-ZPass / IPASS only lanes DO NOT accept cash.

To obtain an E-ZPass transponder you can contact the E-ZPass website at

To obtain an IPASS transponder you can contact the IPASS website at

If you are not from the Chicago area and would like an E-ZPass please visit the EZ-Pass website at to find an agency in your area.

There are no extra toll charges for using E-ZPASS / IPASS on the Chicago Skyway, rates will follow the schedule posted here.

Skyway Concession Company LLC
8801 South Anthony Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60617