Construction Updates

Current Projects

Starting Date Traffic Alert
Skyway Canopy Renovation Nov.-2017 Partial Tollbooth closures expected.
Toll Lane Optimization Nov.-2017 Partial lane closures.

Future Projects

Starting Date Traffic Alert
Viaducts Structural and Drainage Repairs March-2018 Partial lane closures expected, day and night times.
Stony Island Ramps - Cleaning & Painting Oct.-2018 Only shoulder closures expected.


The SCC posts Request for Proposals/Bids ("RFP") on a regular basis. If your company is interested in bidding on any upcoming projects, please send your contact info to:
Project Due Date Documents
RFP_SCC 2018-19 Professional Construction Engineering Services for Bridge Projects May 1, 2018 12PM Central RFP-SCC-2018-19-Construction-Inspection-Services.pdf RFP_SCC-2018-19_Construction-Inspection-Services_Exhibit-A_Drawings.pdf RFP_SCC-2018-19_Construction-Inspection-Services_Exhibit-A_Specs.pdf RFP_SCC-2018-19_Construction-Inspection-Services_Exhibit-B_Specs.pdf RFP_SCC-2018-19_Construction-Inspection-Services_Exhibit-B_Drawings.pdf RFP_SCC-2018-19_Construction-Inspection-Services_Exhibit-C_Specs.pdf RFP_SCC-2018-19_Construction-Inspection-Services_Exhibit-C_Drawings.pdf

Skyway Concession Company LLC
Attn: Infrastructure Management
8801 South Anthony Avenue
Chicago, IL 60617

MBE/WBE Commitment

Skyway Concession Company LLC (“SCC”) is committed to providing fair and representative opportunities for minorities, women and MBE/WBEs in all contracts related to the Skyway.  Neither SCC nor its Contractors shall discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the award and performance of contracts related to the Skyway. Furthermore, affirmative action will be taken, consistent with sound procurement policies and applicable law, to ensure that MBE/WBEs are afforded a fair and representative opportunity to participate in the SCC’s contracts related to the Skyway.

Contractors for SCC must comply with Municipal Code 2-92-650 et seq. and are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the City of Chicago’s Special Conditions Regarding MBE Commitment and WBE Commitment in Construction Contracts, including use of all relevant reporting forms for purposes of this Project.  Contractor’s attention is directed to the following link for detailed information on MBE/WBE certification, reporting, utilization, and more.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All applicants will be afforded equal opportunity without discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin or ancestry, age, physical or mental handicap unrelated to ability, or an unfavorable discharge from military service.