Construction Detour

The Indiana Toll Road (ITR, I-90/80), our neighbor to the east is under construction.

By following these suggested detours, you will avoid the section with the heaviest congestion but will not bypass all construction.

Note the State of Indiana (INDOT) began a construction project on Indianapolis Blvd/Highway  20 that has resulted in a full closure at Cline Ave.

Eastbound (Toward Indiana):

1. Take Skyway Exit 107 Indianapolis Blvd (Hwy 20)

Turn Left onto Indianapolis Blvd (Hwy 20)

2.Turn Right onto Calumet Road (State Rd 41)

3. Option 1: Enter back onto the Indiana Toll Road at Exit 5 Cline Ave or

Option 2: Continue heading South on Calumet Road until you reach I-94 (the Borman)







Westbound (Toward Chicago):

1. Take ITR Exit 5 Cline Ave (State Rd 41)

Turn Right onto Calumet Road (State Rd)

2. Turn Left onto Indianapolis Blvd follow

3. Merge back onto the Indiana Toll Road/Chicago Skyway



The Indiana Toll Road (ITR) expects to complete Milepost 0 – 4 by the Fourth of July holiday.

ITR will  suspend construction beginning the weekend of Fourth of July and resume construction after Labor Day for Milepost 4 Р10.

For more information on this construction project visit The Indiana Toll Roads Push Project website.