Skyway Community Support Grant

Chicago Youth Centers (CYC) -Rebecca K. Crown Donation:

 In June, Skyway identified the 7th Wards, Chicago Youth Center (CYC) -Rebecca K. Crown as a recipient of a 2019 Community Support Grant.  The five thousand dollar grant will support the summer recreation program and STEAM activities in their Makers Lab for kids ages 7 -18. With CYC’s enrollment doubling over the summer, this grant will allow their number one activity – the STEAM Makers Lab, to welcome more kids from the community into their classrooms.

What is the Steam Makers Lab?

To help our students build employable 21st century skills, CYC delivers a robust STEAM (STEM + the arts) education program to provide access to technologies, equipment, and expert one-on-one instruction necessary to thrive in a 21st century economy. Many STEAM activities take place in the CYC Maker Lab, a creative and technical workshop where children become innovators. As they dream, design, and build, they develop STEAM-focused technical skills (how to code, manipulate vectors, use a 3-D printer, laser cutter, etc.) and applied skills (how to think critically about complex problems, work in teams, and follow a project from idea to product).

Check Presentation: Skyway’s COO Michael Lowrey and CEO Fernando Redondo, Center Director Roberta Douglas, CYC President Kevin Cherep and 7th Ward Alderman Greg Mitchell