The Chicago Skyway is now accepting sticker tags!

To make travel more convenient, less expensive, and more reliable, you will now be able to use the new I-Pass Sticker Tag at Chicago Skyway tollbooths.

The I-Pass Sticker Tag will be available for use immediately on the Illinois Tollway after being registered to your I-Pass account. For the Chicago Skyway and other E-ZPass roadways, the sticker tags will be ready to use within 24 hours.

Current customers will not be required to switch to I-Pass sticker tags if they have a working transponder. I-Pass Sticker Tags are available online at Illinois Tollway Customer Service Centers as well as Jewel-Osco and RoadRanger stores.

Other details customers should know:

  • There is no charge or deposit required for I-Pass sticker tags obtained at an Illinois Tollway Customer Service Center. A retail service fee is required for sticker tags obtained at Jewel-Osco and RoadRanger stores.
  • Old transponders can be recycled. Click here to find a recycling location near you.
  • I-Pass Sticker Tags are not transferable. Only one can be installed per vehicle and permanently attached to the user’s windshield.
  • Sticker tags do not require batteries and are safer for the environment.

Learn more about how to access and use the new I-Pass Sticker Tag here: